Wilkinson, Lydia

    Wilkinson, Lydia
    April 10, 2022 TeSplendente

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    Mentions of Lydia Wilkinson within the Journals of Elizabeth Firth.

    ELU-EF-J-00103ELU-NL-003141812-04-12[Sunday] I walked with Lydia Wilkinson and got a letter from my Mama
    ELU-EF-J-00234ELU-NL-003141812-08-21Lydia Wilkinson came
    ELU-EF-J-00238ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-01137; EFJ-P-00002; ELU-NL-003141812-08-25My Governess took Mary Horsfall, Lydia Wilkinson and I to Wakefield we drank tea at Mr Smiths and came back in a chaise
    ELU-EF-J-00258ELU-NL-003141812-09-14Mr Walker came We began of having tables Mr Bushby came with Mr Feron into the ringfield and asked for L. Wilkinson Miss Chorley and myself
    ELU-EF-J-00264ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-003141812-09-20[Sunday] Mrs Smithson sent for L. Wilkinson to meet her sisters but my Governess would not allow her to go because it was sunday
    ELU-EF-J-00265ELU-NL-003141812-09-21Lydia Wilkinson went to Low Laithes Eliza Humphrys came back
    ELU-EF-J-00266ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-01137; EFJ-P-00002; ELU-NL-003141812-09-22Lydia Wilkinson came back. Mary {Wilson} was whiped for raising a report about Miss Fayrer. Miss Chorley went to Wakefield with my Governess
    ELU-EF-J-00271ELU-NL-003141812-09-27[Sunday] We saw Miss Wilkinsons at church they were staying at Low Laithes
    ELU-EF-J-00273ELU-NL-003141812-09-29Miss Wilkinsons called S Marshall went home Miss Skinner with her. Our class said Questions we had not any of us a mistake
    ELU-EF-J-00353ELU-NL-003141812-12-18I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00359EFJ-P-00001; ELU-NL-003141812-12-24My Papa went to Halifax I had a note from L. Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00556ELU-NL-003141813-07-09Misses Wilkinsons Smithson and Miss Ramsden dined here
    ELU-EF-J-00606ELU-NL-003141813-08-28Misses C and L Wilkinson came
    ELU-EF-J-00609ELU-NL-003141813-08-31Miss Wilkinsons and myself breakfasted and drank tea at Mr Atkinson’s
    ELU-EF-J-00610ELU-NL-003141813-09-01We dined at Mr T Ibbotson’s Miss Wilkinsons went home Miss M Ibbotson went to London
    ELU-EF-J-00618ELU-NL-003141813-09-09I wrote to L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00697ELU-NL-003141813-11-27I had a note from my Cousin F Walker and one from L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00771ELU-NL-003141814-02-07I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00783ELU-NL-003141814-02-19I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00835ELU-NL-003141814-04-12I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-00991ELU-NL-003141814-09-1516 Sep Mr Outhwaite dined here I wrote to L Wilkinson, Fanny Walker, and Miss Naylor
    ELU-EF-J-01012ELU-NL-003141814-10-077 Oct Misses Greame and Outhwaite went home. My Papa went to Yew Cottage. I had a letter from L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01081ELU-NL-003141814-12-1515 Dec I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01082EFJ-I-00328; ELU-NL-003141814-12-1616 Dec I wrote to Lydia and Miss S. Smith
    ELU-EF-J-01115ELU-NL-003141815-01-1818 Jan Miss Wilkinson's went to the Assembly
    ELU-EF-J-01152ELU-NL-003141815-02-2424 Feb Wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01160ELU-NL-003141815-03-044 Mar I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson. Wrote to F Walker
    ELU-EF-J-01185ELU-NL-003141815-03-2929 Mar Wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01199ELU-NL-003141815-04-1212 Apr I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01222ELU-NL-003141815-05-055 May Wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01292ELU-NL-003141815-07-1414 July Called at Mr Outhwaites Had a letter from Miss M Haigh another from Miss Taylor which I answered and wrote to L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01314ELU-NL-003141815-08-055 Aug I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01317ELU-NL-003141815-08-088 Aug I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01396ELU-NL-003141815-10-2626 Oct I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01425ELU-NL-003141815-11-2424 Nov William Greame came here. I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01475ELU-NL-003141816-01-1313 Jan I called at Mr Bronte's A letter from L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01500ELU-NL-003141816-02-077 Feb Mr Bronte called I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01517ELU-NL-003141816-02-2424 Feb We called upon Miss Ward. I had a letter from L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01545ELU-NL-003141816-03-2323 Mar I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01563ELU-NL-003141816-04-1010 Apr I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson. Docter Walker called here
    ELU-EF-J-01593ELU-NL-003141816-05-1010 May I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson We should have drunk tea at Mr Duffield's
    ELU-EF-J-01668ELU-NL-003141816-07-2424 July Began a letter to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01729ELU-NL-003141816-09-2323 Sep Came home. Found a letter from Lydia Wilkinson Wrote to Fanny Greame Mr Bronte called
    ELU-EF-J-01786ELU-NL-003141816-11-1919 Nov24 We observed a beautiful eclipse of the sun the sky was very clear till it arrived at its greatest obscuraty it was afterwards enveloped in clouds a great {gloom}. Miss Coombe left. I wrote to L Wilkinson I wrote to Aunt Smith Tea at Mr Bronte's.
    ELU-EF-J-01789ELU-NL-003141816-11-2323 Nov Had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01886ELU-NL-003141817-02-2828 Feb Tea at Mr Bronte's. A letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01918ELU-NL-00314; EFJ-P-000031817-04-022 Apr Mrs Firth went to Bradford. I wrote to Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01960ELU-NL-003141817-05-1414 May They came home. I had a letter from Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-01989ELU-NL-003141817-06-1212 June Called at Mr Bronte's. Wrote to Lydia Wilkinson.
    ELU-EF-J-02061ELU-NL-003141817-08-2222 Aug Wrote to L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-02070ELU-NL-003141817-08-3131 Aug [Sunday] St John C1 v 17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace & truth came by Jesus Christ dividing line I had letters from Miss M Haigh & Lydia Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-02213ELU-NL-003141818-01-2122 Jan Wrote to Lydia Wilkinson. I drank tea with Mrs Bronte
    ELU-EF-J-02249ELU-NL-003141818-02-2727 Feb Miss Smith & I drank tea at my Cousin Sam's & the Children. I received the Sacrement with my Aunt. A letter from L Wilkinson
    ELU-EF-J-02283ELU-NL-003141818-04-022 Apr Wrote to L. Wilkinson. A tea party at L H. I was one. Mrs Dobson here