Mangnall, Richmal

    Mangnall, Richmal
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    Richmall Mangnall

    Elizabeth Firths Journal

    Mentions of Richmal Mangnall in the Journal’s of Elizabeth Firth.
    Note Firth usually refers to Mangnall as “my governess.”

    ELU-EF-J-00065EFJ-P-00001; ELU-NL-011351812-03-05Papa went to Halifax Miss Ibbotson dined and drank tea here [in l/h margin] Governess
    ELU-EF-J-00099ELU-NL-011351812-04-08My Governess told M Horsfall and I we were to say questions
    ELU-EF-J-00116ELU-NL-011351812-04-25I wrote to my Mama. My governess slept with Hester Cautleys
    ELU-EF-J-00131ELU-NL-011351812-05-10[Sunday] The servants called my Governess out of bed and said Alice was in a fit she was in the nightmare and we could hear her schreaming into our room
    ELU-EF-J-00134ELU-NL-011351812-05-13My Governess told our class of Geography if we did not know the rivers off we might go away they all went but myself though some of them knew them
    ELU-EF-J-00137ELU-NL-011351812-05-16My Governess looked over a many of her Ladies I was one
    ELU-EF-J-00139ELU-NL-01135; EFJ-P-000021812-05-18My Governess went to Wakefield
    ELU-EF-J-00151ELU-NL-011351812-05-30We laid till 10 came down and breakfasted at 11 several ladies had 20 verses for having their clothes about after my Governess had ordered us not
    ELU-EF-J-00152ELU-NL-011351812-05-31[Sunday] My Governess went to Crigglestone
    ELU-EF-J-00235ELU-NL-011351812-08-22Our class of Geography were 2 hours looking for the Emperor of Persia’s name. My Governess told us it was Mohomet
    ELU-EF-J-00236ELU-NL-011351812-08-23[Sunday] As many great Ladies as could sit in my Governess’ pew went to church I was one Mr Rogers preached
    ELU-EF-J-00238ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-01137; EFJ-P-00002; ELU-NL-003141812-08-25My Governess took Mary Horsfall, Lydia Wilkinson and I to Wakefield we drank tea at Mr Smiths and came back in a chaise
    ELU-EF-J-00242ELU-NL-011351812-08-29My Governess showed us a beautiful bible of hers with Ripon Minster on the edge
    ELU-EF-J-00243ELU-NL-011351812-08-30[Sunday] My Governess began of examining the ladies who were to be confirmed
    ELU-EF-J-00253ELU-NL-011351812-09-09My Governess said she should not hear questions till after confirmation
    ELU-EF-J-00254ELU-NL-011351812-09-10The echoes drank tea with my Governess and went to Nostall with her it was the anniversary of their institution
    ELU-EF-J-00256ELU-NL-011351812-09-12Eliza Humphrys went to Woodhouse her sister Amelia came into the schoolroom fell down on my Governess’ neck and cryed Miss Mary Ann went home
    ELU-EF-J-00264ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-003141812-09-20[Sunday] Mrs Smithson sent for L. Wilkinson to meet her sisters but my Governess would not allow her to go because it was sunday
    ELU-EF-J-00266ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-01137; EFJ-P-00002; ELU-NL-003141812-09-22Lydia Wilkinson came back. Mary {Wilson} was whiped for raising a report about Miss Fayrer. Miss Chorley went to Wakefield with my Governess
    ELU-EF-J-00274ELU-NL-011351812-09-30We had not Geography my Governess was very ill
    ELU-EF-J-00284ELU-NL-011351812-10-10Miss Teales were sent for home but my Governess would not let them go with out a chaise it was so wet they did not go
    ELU-EF-J-00288ELU-NL-011351812-10-14My Governess began of reading in an evening
    ELU-EF-J-00299ELU-NL-011351812-10-25[Sunday] My Governess wrote one word applicable to each round the table and left us to guess who they were intended for
    ELU-EF-J-00301ELU-NL-011351812-10-27E. Whitacre C. Humphreys C. Coppock C. Wheatley went with my Governess to Crigglestone
    ELU-EF-J-00306ELU-NL-011351812-11-01[Sunday] The same party was at the table that was there last sunday and my Governess wrote each a bad quality
    ELU-EF-J-00331ELU-NL-011351812-11-26My Governess read us some very pretty poetry
    ELU-EF-J-00336ELU-NL-011351812-12-01My Governess gave tasks for the bad copybooks
    ELU-EF-J-00344ELU-NL-011351812-12-09I lost at my task all who were at my Governess’ table after supper had a task for noise I was one
    ELU-EF-J-00345ELU-NL-011351812-12-10We had a holiday in the afternoon and had all cake our class of Geography supped with my Governess
    ELU-EF-J-00408ELU-NL-011351813-02-11I got a task for not having my book ready when my Governess called me to read
    ELU-EF-J-00409ELU-NL-011351813-02-12My Governess was ill
    ELU-EF-J-00426ELU-NL-01135; ELU-NL-011371813-03-01My Governess went to Woodhouse. Miss Fayrer told me that Mr {T} Heaton was dead
    ELU-EF-J-00427ELU-NL-011351813-03-02My Governess came home
    ELU-EF-J-00428ELU-NL-011351813-03-03It was Ash wednesday we had tarts to dinner. My Governess read Rokeby in the evening
    ELU-EF-J-00430ELU-NL-011351813-03-05It was my Governess’s birthday we had a whole holiday
    ELU-EF-J-00436ELU-NL-011351813-03-11We had a holiday in the afternoon and cake instead of having it on my Governess’ birthday
    ELU-EF-J-00469ELU-NL-01135; EFJ-P-000021813-04-13Miss Oxley went to Wakefield with my Governess
    ELU-EF-J-00495ELU-NL-01135; EFJ-P-000021813-05-09 [Sunday] Miss Prest went to Wakefield Mary Alderson to the lecture with Miss Eliza Mangnall
    ELU-EF-J-00497ELU-NL-011351813-05-11A Man came to rob the pigeon house but my Governess called out to him
    ELU-EF-J-00508ELU-NL-011351813-05-22My Governess gave me an Inkstand and Miss Lockwood a silver knife for answering well at Geography
    ELU-EF-J-00514ELU-NL-011351813-05-28My Governess took the Ladies at her table into the low garden I was one
    ELU-EF-J-00517ELU-NL-01135; EFJ-P-000021813-05-31E Humphreys went to Wakefield with my Governess
    ELU-EF-J-00522ELU-NL-011351813-06-05My Governess sat up at writing
    ELU-EF-J-00545ELU-NL-011351813-06-28I wrote to Miss Mangnall
    ELU-EF-J-01312ELU-NL-011351815-08-033 Aug I went to sit with Mrs Bronte in the evening. I began Miss Mangnall's Geography
    ELU-EF-J-01460ELU-NL-011351815-12-2929 Dec Miss O– sent me Miss Mangnall's letter
    ELU-EF-J-03177ELU-NL-011351820-05-011 May Miss W Ibbotson called. Miss Mangnall died.

    Will & Last Testament of Richmal Mangnall

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