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    About the Date Finder:

    The purpose of the date finder is to offer a low-tech solution to finding specific dates within the Journals & Correspondence of Anne Lister. The organizing principle is chronology. The scope includes publicly available Journals & Correspondence written by, too, or about Anne Lister within the Shibden Hall records of SH:7 with a focus on the Journals and Travel Journals made public by the West Yorkshire Archive Service (WYAS) for the Anne Lister Diary Transcription Project (1791-1840). A few related items are also included that mention Anne’s life directly such as correspondence by Anne Lister (Aunt), Rebecca Lister (Mother), Jeremy Lister (Father) (1791-1840), and Ann Walker (Partner).

    The aid is ordered chronologically by date (YYYY-MM-DD), by journal, by category (Journal Entry, Correspondence, Journal Index, etc.) and includes the WYAS transcription file and manuscript scan. (Anything without a specific date is approximated to the nearest year/month/day.) This finding number is formatted as a hyperlink which corresponds to the file at the WYAS online catalogue. This file may include a summary, transcription, and image of the original if currently made public by WYAS, if not they are friendly and respond to requests and inquiries.


    Everything is possible because of the incomparable generosity and support from the West Yorkshire Archive Service and Anne’s own Shibden Hall. Making the manuscripts public – the entire journal – for the Anne Lister Diary Transcription Project. (In 2020 it won the Archives and Research Association Archive & Volunteer Award!)

    For everything Ann Walker do not miss In Search of Ann Walker – Ann Walker’s own journal was discovered in 2020 – Read about it here! The site and its team are dedicated to bringing Ann’s story to the world. For the latest on Anne Lister check out Packed with Potential and the official sites of Helena Whitbread, Jill Liddington and the newly established Anne Lister Society.

    Other useful references include:;;; and Wikipedia.


    ELU is not affiliated with any project or institution. This is an independent exploration utilizing various prime source materials available to the public including the digitized Journals of Anne Lister. An on-going labour of love the site was started just after the digital manuscripts were made public and the Date Finder placed online for others in early autumn 2020, as there wasn’t anything similarly available at the time, and the Early Journal Indexes and Reports (Temporarily Offline) were placed up shortly after the first transcriptions were released.

    Many thank-you’s to those who reached out to make sure the dates and links in the early drafts were relevant. And many thanks to WYAS who gave the okay and who encourages further exploration of the Journals. It is through this spirit that the site is being offered for any who may find it beneficial.

    Update (2022.04.25): the entire date finder has recently been double-checked, in some areas entirely re-done with corrected dates and links, and re-compiled for greater accuracy. Update (2022.09.26): the date finder has also now been streamlined into a singular search for ease of use.

    A great amount of time is spent on the creation of ELU materials, including spreadsheets/tables which are all compiled by hand. Currently, since 2021, they are offered CC BY-NC-ND. This is a shift, for a brief period the project was offered CC BY-NC-SA, this change occurred to respect the source and spirit from which they have been derived and to encourage their continued use in others discovery. We understand this is a labour of love for everyone and shout outs are always appreciated. We do our best to respect CC and note thanks when using materials from elsewhere, if we’ve somehow missed you get in touch and we’ll be sure to add your full source info. Some materials may be Copyright by their respective Sources and are utilized and offered in kind.

    Image credits:
    The Home page background is Marian’s View by John Horner
    The Portrait of Anne Lister is thought to be by Joshua Horner (this has been modified to add the Journals in the background; the original Journals photograph is from WYAS).



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      For anyone who uses this website or who may be or has used data from the Date Finder, this page will included any corrections and/or inclusions.

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