Sutton Place Wallpaper

    Sutton Place Wallpaper
    December 4, 2020 TeSplendente

    This note is not related to Anne Lister or Ann Walker directly, rather its a brief note on the chinoiserie wallpaper in the Drawing Room at Sutton Place, the location used as Crow Nest in the BBC drama Gentleman Jack. The wallpaper puts up good competition to the protagonists which is no easy feat.

    At first it looks as if its Zuber & Cie (est. 1797) a firm with clientele from many an illustrious house, including the White House (found in the Diplomatic Reception Room) but its not, nor is it produced using woodblocks and hand-printing as one might expect from the 18th Century. The wallpaper at Sutton Place is older and all hand-painted!

    24 Chinese artists hand-painted eight panels using traditional techniques and shipped it to England for installation in 1756. Stunning.

    Susan Bembridge (Who produces an authorized miniature wallpaper panel of the Sutton Drawing Room).
    Sutton Park House (Images)
    Zuber & Cie
    JFK Library (Where Zuber’s Views of the America’s was installed in 1961.)

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